GHENT, WV (WVNS) — As prices continue to rise, for many people across the country, it seems as though life transitioned from one pandemic to the next.

The impact of inflation is apparent across the board. From young adults who work multiple jobs to put themselves through college, or those who want to enter the workforce after graduation. Small business owners who struggle to keep their dreams alive, or families new and old who just want to get by.

We spoke with one mother of two who works in retail part-time. Her husband works full time and just received a promotion. Without it, she is not sure how her family would stay above water.

“Right now, his position is not guaranteed. So as long as his position is not guaranteed, our way of life is not guaranteed,” said Eliza Roberts.

Roberts said while they are affected every day by inflation when it comes to routine necessities such as gas, food, and toiletries, as renters, she is fearful of how she will afford a place to live as rent continues to rise in the area as well.