BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Be sure to check your pets if you are out and about. It’s Flea and Tick Season.

Ticks can transmit a large number of diseases including Lyme disease. They also cause skin wounds that may lead to bacterial infections and can also cause anemia.

Many people believe their pets are safe from fleas and ticks after the first frost, but unfortunately, this is not at all true.

Dr. Connie Hyler-Both said West Virginia is the fastest-growing state for Lyme disease as of last year.

“It’s not just about keeping the animals healthy.. it’s very much an indicator that those diseases are on the rise with the ticks in the area for humans and that they need to be careful,” said Hyler-Both, who is a veterinarian.

She said you can get vaccinated for Lyme disease but you need to use year-round fast kill tick and flea products. Both help to prevent the transmission of diseases.