HANOVER, WV (WVNS)– The doors at Jeremiah House of Faith did not open for normal service as they recover from flood waters that wreaked havoc on our southern counties during the last week of July.

“We were mostly watching the big stream the creek that runs down in front of the church by my house,” said pastor Ronald Reed. “Little did we know the little stream down here was overflowing and clogged up and we came down here and everything was clogged off and we came in here and had about 12 inches of water.”

Twelve inches of water in the basement area of the church caused more damage than meets the eye. The upstairs sanctuary is under renovation, which left worshippers to use a temporary setup in the basement in the meantime. In addition to their temporary worship space now no longer usable, many of the building materials were lost or severely damaged in the water.

“We came in and a lot of it was floating and we had our mud boots and hip waders on and tried to salvage what we could,” Reed added.

The water came up over the banks at a bend and dumped mud and debris along the grounds of the church. Pastor Reed said this is not the first time the church has been damaged by flood water but added the creek continually runs higher than ever before. He said he wants to see the creek widened to allow for better water flow.

“These creeks and streams are just totally and completely full,” said Reed. “I would love to see or get some recommendations or get in contact with to have these creeks reclaimed, widened, or whatever they need to be.”

Right now there is no timeframe on when services in any capacity will resume. Jeremiah House of Faith is now coming together to fundraise again to replace the lost building materials and clean the damaged areas.