PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)– As the baby formula shortage continues, many mothers seek alternative methods to feed their children. But, some pediatricians warn new parents about homemade baby formula.

Dr. Tara Mitchell, a D.O. at Lively Pediatrics in Princeton, said it’s not the best idea.

“Making formula at home can be dangerous because the electrolytes in a small ball are delicate. So, if you get the wrong amount of water to electrolytes, you can even cause babies to have seizures,” said Dr. Mitchell.

One mother hopes to ease the burden placed on mothers who cannot breastfeed. Angel Sullivan said on a good day she produces about 45 ounces of breastmilk. She even has a deep freezer full of pouches.

While the shortage continues, she gave her milk to at least five people, including a NICU in Roanoke, Virginia. Sullivan said she did so because it was hard to see mothers struggle to feed their babies.

“I saw people that needed it and I knew they needed it more than me. because once you produce so much, you only have six months to a year to use it and I knew I wouldn’t use it all so I thought I would just give it to people that need it more than us,” said Sullivan.

Dr. Mitchell said if your infant is six months or older, you can try to incorporate baby puree foods along with formula. She detailed what to do if you have nowhere to turn.

“A couple of things they need to keep in mind they should definitely check with their pediatrician if they really don’t know what other options they have. If their baby is on a specialized formula, they should check with the pediatrician about what other alternatives there are to that formula,” said Dr. Mitchell.