MONROE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — The changing leaves here in the Mountain State herald the coming of the fall season, and people across the country are looking forward to the many activities the season brings.

At Sunset Views Farms, owner Kelly Johnson tries to put his own spin on fun activities for both kids and parents to enjoy

“We’ve got the corn maze, the bell maze, we got the rollie pollies, the tire playground,” said Johnson.

The farm started out as a cattle farm. Eventually, the Johnson family shifted to growing pumpkins. When the business proved successful, they turned it into a now popular festival.

One of the most popular attractions is the corn maze and Johnson made his own unique additions to the maze.

“The corn maze got a Christian theme, we put Bible verses throughout it…anybody that wants to participate…theirs 4 acres of corn down there with different paths to cut through it,” said Johnson.

The farm has different admissions, $10 for all ages three and older, and two and under get in for free.

Johnson enjoyed the festival since its inception and views it as a great way to give back to the community.

“We actually enjoy having the school groups come out for the field trips…we have church groups that come out, we have birthday parties and the community comes out to interact and it’s a joy to watch us getting back to the community,” said Johnson.