RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — There were a few clouds in the sky on Monday, June 13, 2022, and out at Grandview Country Club, there was even a little bit of thunder.

Now there was not any weather, but rather, notable Marshall University alumni and coaches came out for their annual golf tournament.

The original date for the event was postponed, but those who were able to come out got the chance to work on their swing, win some prizes and of course, raise money for scholarships and charity,

Some big names out on the links included Men’s Basketball Head Coach Dan D’Antoni and Women’s Golf Head Coach Brooke Burkhammer. D’Antoni is more than familiar with the area, while Burkhammer has never been to the area, but she is always excited to take on a new course.

“Well I enjoy golf, but more importantly I enjoy the people, I enjoy getting out, out to Mullens backyard I guess. I saw some Mullens guys, but really just getting out and having a nice day,” said D’Antoni.

“Thanking the Big Green members, I don’t know if they realize how big of an impact they make on our student-athletes because if it wasn’t for them, our student-athletes wouldn’t be able to get a degree or play the sport that they love,” said Burkhammer.

As a special treat, Grandview Country Club Owner and Marshall Alumni Randy Scott was awarded a Marshall flag, displayed on each pole during the tournament. His was housed in a frame built with wood from his father and grandfather’s barn.