PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)– According to the National Youth Tobacco Survey, over two million students currently use e-cigarettes.

Mercer County Public Schools found a way to possibly stop their students. Over the course of the county’s spring break, new detectors were placed in five Mercer County high schools.

They are not your average smoke detectors, as they detect water vapor from e-cigarettes. The vape detection systems detect nicotine and T.H.C.

“What they do is they detect chemicals that are burned through a vape device, so whether if it’s THC or Nicotine whatever it is, the device will recognize it, and then it will send a text alert to one of the teachers on campus that it’s happening in that moment,” said Candace Harless, the Drug-Free Communities Coordinator with Community Connections.

Harless said the results from a survey given to students show about half use vaping products.

Tom Adkins, principal of Princeton Senior High School said almost a quarter to a third of referrals deal with vaping. He said students go into bathrooms and private areas to vape or get high.

“We’ve seen more this year of the THC. I think with it being more legal in Virginia and that Delta 8 making its way over into West Virginia, we’re having to deal with that more,” said Adkins.

Adkins said the Princeton Police Department helped to citations to students who are caught with a vape.

Harless added Community Connections and the Mercer County Board of Education continues the partnership to put more vape detectors in schools.