MONROE COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– The Sweet Springs Resort Foundation located in Sweet Springs, Monore County welcomed veterans of all ages and backgrounds to their first annual MIA/POW Honors and Appreciation Day.

The ceremony had speakers and a letter from Senator Joe Manchin’s office as well as two flag donations from the state.

Arietta Dupre is an administrative assistant with the foundation. She said it’s important to show our respect for those who served.

“We can honor those that have given us everything. They’ve given us our freedoms, our freedom of speech, our freedom of press, our freedom to go to the grocery store when we want to go. We take advantage of that because we don’t know what it’s like in other countries and what they have to live with,” said Dupre.

Scott Womack is a veteran and the Vice Commander of the American Legion Post 100 located in Union. He was stationed all over the world during his tour.

He said he is thankful to receive recognition from community members in the area.

“For the populous to take some time out to recognize that we’ve signed blank checks to the government, to the constitution, to the American people. It’s just touching to me, it’s very meaningful. I’m glad people are coming out,” said Womack.

A purple heart recipient, Douglas Quick is a volunteer and security at the Sweet Springs Resort Foundation. These awards are given out in the name of the President and are one of the highest awards given to those who were wounded or killed as a result of enemy action.

“Most people don’t talk about it due to the fact of what happens when you receive one. But I received mine in Iraq in 2007 right on the first day of summer matter of fact,” said Quick.