RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — The Artie Museum is the culmination of one man’s love for all things West Virginia sports.

Tex Williams coached for over forty years, from high school to the professional level, from cross country to basketball.

He led the Charleston Golden Eagles to an NAIA Basketball National Championship in 1983. His resume and dedication make the induction into his museum an honor for many Mountain state athletes.

Jeremy Cummings, a Mountaineer alum and a member of the 2008 bronze medal Olympic Baseball team spoke about what the honor means to him.

“Good news here is, to represent West Virginia, especially in baseball is something I’ve always try to strive for,” said Cummings. “It’s a great honor to be inducted with these, also really great people, that’s brought baseball to a better light in West Virginia.”

Without the efforts of Williams, Cummings and so many other athletes would not see their names etched in history.

Don Hager, another inductee, covered sports for the Charleston Gazette for forty years.

“Tex has been a big part of all our lives and we realize that he loves sports, he loves athletes, he loves coaches and so that is important to all of us to be appreciated by him cause he does a good job up here,” said Hager.

For the man whose life’s work is on display in the museum, by highlighting the story of lesser-known athletes, he hopes to teach future stars across the state.

“There’s so many West Virginians that people don’t know about,” said Williams. “There are some people here today that have had 40-year careers that our West Virginia people don’t know about. We have some people here that have given their life, given their lives to their profession that should be noted and honored. But more importantly, let’s look at the next generation. What carry-over values is a program like this to the young people.”

Williams spoke with principals and superintendents to set up field trips to the museum, a way for the next generation to discover new sporting legends to celebrate and emulate.