BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — A unique new store opens in downtown Bluefield in Mercer County.

The 3KPG store is an exclusive shoe and apparel store owned by Tavon Askew and Jerontae Hunter. The main features of the store include streetwear fashion and shoes you cannot find around the area.
Both Hunter and Askew say they had to travel almost two hours to find the fashions they like, but are glad they can open something here in the Mountain State.

“Everybody want Jordans, Yeezes, the new Foam Runners, Vlone shirts, Bape Shirts, it’s just like they got everything else but they just don’t got the name brand stuff and stuff they got in the city, where you gotta go like Charlotte, Greensboro. So instead of going to Charlotte, we’re around the corner,” said Askew and Jerontae

You can find The 3KPG store in downtown Bluefield on Bland Street.