FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — The aftermath of a brush fire that spread over 200 acres marks just how close Adventures on the Gorge and some of its facilities came to the flames.

While no structures caught on fire, some of the attractions were affected.

The popular frisbee golf course was the site of a particularly large fire, with the smell of smoke and ash still present, despite the recent heavy rainfall

One employee of AOG describes the surreal experience she saw unfold.

“I’d say watching the fire took us away from what we should be doing cause it was just, you couldn’t stop looking at it, said Jessica Campbell, AOG director of events. “It was like, what do they saw, watching a train wreck or whatever. It was beautiful at the same time as scary, I mean it was really unbelievable.”

Going forward, AOG organizers want to turn the experience into a teachable moment.

“I think we learned a valuable lesson here. Again, making sure that we clear our barrier property, I think that’s huge. We did have hoses set up and I talked to one fireman who said that if we didn’t have our hoses up top while they were down low fighting it, he said it really could have gotten out of control. And even though our hoses don’t compare to their 10 inch hoses, it was nice that we had those accessible so that was good. I think we were prepared for it but I think just keeping that barrier clear is going to be the hugest thing,” said Campbell.

Members of the New River Gorge National Park’s Fire Crew continue to monitor for any potential flare-ups — a friendly reminder of those who helped save AOG.

“Was amazing to watch all the volunteers who came out to help fight the fire. They were incredible, they just came out of nowhere and really saved our entire facility. So it was amazing,” said Campbell.