COAL CITY, WV (WVNS) – With the school year coming to an end, one Coal City Elementary teacher sent each of his fifth-graders off to middle school with a handwritten letter.

Each fall, teachers see new faces in their classrooms. Throughout the school year, they teach their kids language arts and math, history and science.

But when the year ends, the special teachers send their students out of the school doors with more. Coal City Elementary School fifth-graders said Mr. Kincaid is one of the those teachers. They said he made learning fun and never lost his cool when somebody needs extra help with a lesson.

Geoffrey Kincaid thinks his students are special, too. He knows they are off to middle school when they leave his classroom for the last time. In this era of digital communication, Mr. Kincaid sits down at home every year in the month to personally write a letter to each of his students.

“I started this my first year of teaching just to kind of pour into these kids just to pour into these kids a little bit more just to show them hey Mr. Kincaid cares and he cares a lot about and just so there’s something they carry on,” said Mr. Kincaid.

Mr. Kincaid said he pays attention to every student to learn their skills and interests and make each letter personal. He finished writing the letters for this years, but students do not get to read them until graduation.

“I’m excited to read it and I’m glad he wrote it to us but I hope I can read it because he has bad handwriting, said Reilee Coalson, a student in Mr. Kincaid’s class. Coalson said Mr. Kincaid made her last year of elementary school a good one. “He just does good things with us,” said Coalson.”

Mr. Kincaid said he asks every fifth grader to invite him to their high school graduation. He expects his first invitations from the Class of 2023.

Mr. Kincaid said he had to send an email during the pandemic, and he was happy to be able to write letters again for this year.