RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS) – Continued formula shortages make it even harder for parents to feed their babies.

Five months ago, Kaleigh Fourie’s life changed when she gave birth to her beautiful daughter, Jasmine. But since becoming a parent for the first time, Fourie said her biggest stress is the search for baby formula.

“Recently the stores have just been out of a lot of the powdered formula. Luckily they’ve had some of the ready-to-go liquid stuff, but very little.”She’s growing so when I go shopping I get so nervous, I’m like, ‘Am I going to have to go to five different stores just to feed my baby,” said Fourie.

In a statement to parents struggling to find formula, the Food and Drug Administration said the February recall combined with supply-chain issues during the pandemic, caused the nationwide shortage.

The FDA also said they look to work with Abbott Foods, the makers of Similac, to come up with new solutions.

Fourie said in the past few weeks, the shortage seems to be worse than ever.

“It’s been since, like February and now it’s May. So it’s been a while. But they started stocking the shelves a little bit more,” said Fourie. “But in the past two-to-three weeks, it’s just like, they don’t have it.”

Fourie said Jasmine’s “sensitive stomach” formula is especially hard to find. She was forced to ask her mom to mail any formula she finds in Pennsylvania to her in West Virginia.

“Any time she can she’s sending me formula that she can find through the mail, so that’s been really helpful,” said Fourie. “But if I could just conveniently go down to my local store that would be so much better. I feel bad that family is having to step in in that way.”