BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — It is still ‘lights-out’ for some people in the Beaver and Beckley areas of Raleigh County.

A blown transformer is the cause of the outage. 59News was told a specific part is required to fix the transformer and that piece of machinery must come from Georgia.

Power companies and Beckley Raleigh County Emergency Services are working around the clock to restore power. John Zilinski, Director of 911, says the outage doesn’t just impact people’s homes – but their drives as well.

“As a safety measure, when the power is out and you are trying to drive through Beckley and the lights are out, that turns into a four-way stop,” said Zilinski.

It is important when the power is out to stay as alert as possible on the roads in case traffic lights are out.

Indoors, flashlights, candles and a first-aid kit are important items to keep on you in the event of a power-outage.

It is also important to keep extra medication on hand for such emergencies.