FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — As prices for everyday necessities continue to rise, we want to take a look at the different aspects of life affected by inflation.

Across the country, whitewater rafting companies and adventure resorts are one of the many businesses that now feel the sting of inflation.

For ACE Adventure Resort they experienced the calm waters of a booming reservation rate in 2021, but now they find themselves caught in the rocky rapids of inflation.

“You know we had this amazing year last year driven by people wanting to get out after covid and then even better for us because of the national park we had record numbers and now we have sunk down a little bit and we are feeling the pinch so it is happening nationwide. It is happening throughout our industry and it is painful,” said Haynes Mansfield, the marketing director for ACE.

Mansfield said they continue to see not only a decrease in bookings but activity registration as well. When large groups do make reservations, they tend to see the numbers thin out by the time they arrive at the resort.

“So a big part of our business is also working with non-profit groups, church groups scouting groups and it is even affecting those organizations. a lot of times this year we found we have a booking of say twenty folks and a couple of scouts are having to call and cancel that part of the trip,” said Mansfield.

Not to mention the cost to run restaurants at the resort, or filling up the buses which carry visitors to and from the river.

“You know we are running so many busses every day, it is a big part of our rafting product and the other activities here on property and so the cost of moving people around goes up significantly,” said Mansfield.

Rafters who run the river with ACE depart from Minden, and then depending on where they put in, could have an hour-long round trip on the bus. Mansfield hopes things start to turn around by the end of the summer, as he is afraid of the cost of the nearly hour-long one-way trip during Gauley season.