BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Results of political races in Raleigh County are now official.

The ceremonial courtroom was busy after election day, as workers continue to count and recount votes.

Raleigh County Clerk Danny Moore said the results of the recent primary election are now official. As they comb through every vote cast in the county to make sure the election results line up.

“We check, double-check, triple-check all the numbers against everything that came in from the voting machines mail in ballots provisional ballots and what we do is make sure that every single vote counts,” said Moore.

Less than 23 percent of registered West Virginia voters participated in the May 10 primary. Less than half of the registered voters in all 55 counties turned out for the election.

Raleigh County also spent $1.5 million on new voting machines, much to the voters appreciation, according to Moore.

“We put a survey in each precinct and right now I am thrilled to death everyone in those precincts love them. They’re easier, they’re quicker and they’re secure,” said Moore.