BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Impartiality and fairness, complying with the law, avoiding abuse of office. These are only three of the seven rules Judge Louise Goldston is charged with violating during an incident in March.

Goldston oversaw a divorce case involving Matt Gibson. In order to find items Gibson allegedly neglected to maintain or turn over to the court, his attorney, John Bryan, said Goldston reportedly stopped the hearing and ordered all parties to immediately go to Gibson’s house.

“From day one that I looked at that video, I didn’t see any way that that was legal,” Bryan explained.

Both Gibson and the West Virginia Judicial Investigation Commission (JIC) filed a complaint regarding the situation. In both complaints, it was noted Goldston had no clear procedures to conduct the home visit.

Bryan said Goldston also threatened to have Gibson arrested if he did not comply. A threat Bryan found concerning for more reasons than one.

“Well that was gonna happen because there was a guy standing next to her with a badge, gun, and handcuffs that made it happen, so there are still a lot of questions to be answered,” said Bryan.

Goldston is also charged with violating rules in the code of judicial conduct regarding her conduct, external factors influencing her decisions, competence, and extra judicial activities in general.

“I think that’s why the JIC had to take action because if you allow it in family court, than you are allowing it everywhere,” said Bryan.

During the investigation, the JIC found this was not the first time Goldston acted this way.

In the formal statement of charges obtained by 59 News, Goldston admitted to acting in a similar manner 11 separate times throughout her career. She also admitted to realizing the issues of her actions.

While those in Gibson’s corner are satisfied with the charges, Bryan said they will continue to fight for justice.

“I intend to look into these other ten incidents and see exactly what happened, and see why this was allowed to happen in these cases as well,” said Bryan.

Gibson and his attorney plan to file a civil suit against Goldston, to not only get closure for their case, but the 11 others as well.

59News reached out to Goldston’s office, but we have not heard back.