BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — They’re the men and women we turn to when we need them the most, when we’re not feeling our best.

Raleigh General Hospital celebrated National Doctor’s Day on Wednesday, March 30 by recognizing their physicians and its first female Chief of Staff, Dr. Divya Rajan. After working 11 years at Raleigh General, she was elected chief of Staff in January.

Dr. Rajan said she looks forward to working with all the physicians and staff.

“Definitely being the first female chief of staff is quite an honor. I work among many wonderful female physicians, female nurses. But clearly, I was the first one this time and that’s wonderful. Hopefully, there will be many more after me,” said Dr. Rajan.

Dr. Rajan is a kidney doctor at Raleigh General. She said it was nice to spend quality time with her colleagues, considering their schedules tend to stay busy.