BECKLEY WV, (WVNS) – Today, Thursday, Sept. 8 is Save a Life Day. It’s a day when many advocacy groups give out free naloxone in the hopes that someone can go on to reverse an opioid overdose.

Organizations from across all 55 counties in West Virginia teamed up to save lives from overdoses. In Raleigh County Community Connections and The Raleigh County Prevention Coalition brought food and entertainment to four different places in the county. The main purpose though was to raise awareness to overdoses and hand out naloxone to help saves lives.

“We’re trying to get narcan in the hands of everybody because narcan is a lifesaving device it’s just not for people who abuse drugs it’s for anybody”

Janet Conroy / Regional Coordinator for the Office of Drug Control Policy

Conroy also says todays event was also held in Beaver, Glen Daniels, Shady Spring and Sophia