BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — While most people are ready to put 2020 behind them, it was a year most of us will never forget.

Filled with masks, remote jobs and education, and reverse parades; throughout all of the social distancing, shutdowns and stimulus checks, people did whatever they could to survive 2020.

“Working three jobs trying to survive, doing delivery cause that’s about all you can do these days, can’t get a decent job,” said John Lilly.

But for some, surviving 2020 meant going almost the entire year without seeing their family. Arville Gunnoe has 10 grandchildren and eight greatgrandchildren, with a ninth on the way. He said he thinks, worries, and prays for his family every day.

“A lot of them work in the medical field and they are all in the world running around, so they are subject to run into someone with it,” said Gunnoe.

Gunnoe said not having his family in town for the holidays is heartbreaking, but he is 77-years-old. He said a lifetime of working in the coal industry weakened his lungs and he said he cannot risk contracting COVID-19.

“It’s been hard to cancel it because we have always had it every year, but we want to be here next year,” said Gunnoe.

Gunnoe said he hopes people realize just because 2020 is coming to end, it does not mean things are going to change overnight. He said he wants people to still be smart when going out, so he can see his whole family again in 2021.

“The good Lord gave us a brain and he wants us to use it,” said Gunnoe.