FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — There are more than just candidates to decide on at the polls at the state and county levels.

In Fayette County, there are multiple levies that focus on providing resources to schools, students, and staff across the area. The special levy covers a wide range of areas in education totaling $50 million over five years, providing free meals for all students, upgrades, and repairs to facilities, transportation and equipment for sports, and ongoing upgrades to technology.

“Here are a lot of the upgrades that the facilities themselves have had in Fayette county over the years and it keeps the maintenance on the bill, so you keep the maintenance you keep the facilities going, but I think it’s critical for the county to be able to pass this levy,” said Mike Lively, a Fayette County resident.

For the last fifty years, the funding from the levy went toward benefits for those in education, which is why many want it to pass again.