BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – Speeding is a cause of concern for one Beckley resident, as well as her neighbors. 

Mary West says now, speeding is the cause of her broken wrist.

Larew Avenue in Beckley, is akin to a speedway for most drivers, according to Mary West. West began fighting the issue of speeding when she moved into her home over 20 years ago. She said it was not nearly as busy nor dangerous as it was when she first bought her home.

Now, West says speeding is the cause of her injury, and the reason she placed signs all over her street to deter speeding.

On Monday evening, West was speaking with a neighbor and was returning to her home, when she tells us disaster struck.

“The lady that had walked away from me yelled ‘You’re gonna hit me!’ and I heard the engine revving up. I turned to look and I went to grab my phone, and when I turned around i had to roll out of the way,” said West.

West is advocating for a slower speed limit on her street. As well as more signs from the City Administrators.

A Beckley Police Officer also watches from the top of her street to patrol for speeders. Sergeant Jamie Wilhite of the Beckley Police Department says the station tries to send out patrols on Lawrew Avenue often.

“We’ve got officers, we try to get over there on a near daily basis to monitor the vehicles, and monitor the traffic and monitor the speed,” said Wilhite.

West adds that unless City Administrators issue signs or stricter laws, a pet or child could become the next victim.

“Other streets need to do the same thing, because this is getting very, very ridiculous. Someone is going to end up being killed unless administrators come oit and see what needs to be done,” said West.

West encourages neighbors who suffered similar issues to attend Beckley Administration meetings.