FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — Outdoor enthusiasts came together to share a weekend of fun during the annual Hunting and Fishing Days celebration, hosted by the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources (WVDNR).

WVDNR invited the public to visit vendors that provide education on the natural world and to try a variety of activities related to hunting and fishing.

The event is the largest of its kind in the state. The hunting and fishing show attracts a wide range of vendors, all related to the outdoors. Visitors to the show hiked, fished, visited a display of owls, and witnessed electroshock fishing, with state workers sending mild electrical shocks into the water to temporarily paralyze the fish and cause them to rise.

WVDNR officials reported no fish are harmed in the process.

Ronnie Snedegar attended the show to display his prize-winning dogs, who hunt squirrels. The dogs have won multiple contests, and one brought the Squirrel Master Classic title to the Mountain State in 2020, said Snedegar.

“I’m a squirrel dogger, I’ve got squirrel dogs,” said Snedegar. “I love coming out and getting these dogs to do squirrel dog demos for the crowd. We’ve had a really, really good response from everybody that’s come and watched,” he added. “The dogs have put on a good show. Just great to see so many people, out here.”

WVDNR hosted a number of drawings for prizes and offered visitors opportunities to learn about natural resource management.

“We had two kayaks to go. We had lifetime hunting and fishing (licenses),” reported WVDNR Events Coordinator Chris Scraggs. “We had so many happy kids. This is also a great opportunity to show demonstrations, from deer skinning to squirrel skinning to archery, and everyone has loved our fly-fishing and electroshock fishing.”

Activities were positioned throughout The Summit. Those who got tired visited a booth from the Parkersburg-based Fission Cycles to rent an e-bike, an electric bike that gave extra help to those who needed to get around the grounds.

Scraggs said the 2023 show will be on the second weekend in September, which is reserved for Hunting and Fishing Days.