Beckley, WV (WVNS) –  Are you keeping your valuables safe? A string of thefts in Beckley ignite worry among some folks about their property.

Video doorbell footage shows a criminal stealing a package right off Beckley resident Kelly Elkins’ doorstep.

Just down the street from her house, employees at Laxton’s auto repair shop say their business was also victimized multiple times over the past few months, with people breaking into their lot to steal tires, rims, catalytic converters, and more.

“They’ve stolen approximately, just in cash value, over $15,000 worth of stuff,” said Owner Wil Laxton.

Laxton said that doesn’t even take into account the money needed to replace the stolen parts.

Chief Detective with the Beckley Police Dave Allard said two areas of Beckley, in particular, are hit hardest by the string of thefts.

“In the past couple of weeks, we’ve noticed an uptick in larceny-related crimes. Specifically from vehicles and from residents’ porches,” Allard told 59News. “We’ve had several incidents on Johnstown Road where vehicles have been broken into, windows have been broken. We’ve had several incidents on Harper Road, the same thing has happened. Windows have been broken and some vehicles have been gotten into,” said Allard.

Allard recommended not leaving valuables in your car and especially not leaving them where they might be visible for people passing by. He also recommends home security systems and doorbell cameras, like the one Elkins uses, which may help the police catch the man who stole the package from her porch.

“With my security camera you’re able to see and hear, get a description of them, and hear them say ‘there’s a package at her door,’ and then five minutes later you see the person walking up, snatching the package and then leaving,” said Elkins.

If you have any information on these crimes please contact the Beckley Police Department.