FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– The Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserves in Fayette and Raleigh counties now offer day passes to the public.

The 10,000-acre grounds offer a six-mile zipline, seventy miles of mountain biking trails, fishing, stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, fishing, self-guided tree house tours, skateboarding and scootering, archery, rock climbing, hiking, and other activities.

The Summit hosts a number of private outdoor events, including the Boy Scout Jamboree.

On Saturday, September 9, 2022, the grounds were opened to the public for the first time.

For $15, guests for the weekend received a special full pass to the ground.

Throughout the fall, general admission is $15. It includes parking trail access for running, hiking, mountain biking, lake activities, treehouse tours, skateboarding and scootering, and complimentary WiFi access, according to Kate Smallwood, the senior business development officer for the Summit.

Guests may buy tiered passes for more activities. The $30 Activity Pass, starting after Sunday, September 11, 2022, includes general admission activities but adds ziplines, laser shots, tours of a hunting museum, guided target archery, hatchet and knife throwing, and a guided mountain bike tour.

The Ridge Pass, an upgrade from the General and Activity passes, adds five-stand shotgun clays, rifle, pistol shooting, LaPorte, and long-range archery.

Smallwood said the inaugural public weekend is just the start as they make The Summit Reserve more accessible to locals and tourists.

“Our goal is to open even more and expand on what we already have open to the public from there, so starting on annual passes, membership passes, and passes for locals, we’re hoping to grow,” noted Smallwood.

West Virginia Division of Natural Resources hosted the National Hunting and Fishing Days at The Summit Reserve’s first public weekend, with various events.

“It’s fantastic,” said WVNDR Events Coordinator Chris Scraggs. “This is not only people getting to see it for the first time, they’re getting to experience Hunting and Fishing Days.

“We have tons of vendors, tons of events, and we have full range of The Summit’s grounds, which is beyond fantastic. I mean, our events are stretching almost the length of this place,” he added.

Tickets are available online at Adventure Day Pass – The Summit Bechtel Reserve (summitbsa.org) and at the North Gate at The Summit Reserve.