LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS)– After a two-year absence due to the pandemic, Taste of Our Town returned to Lewisburg.

Organized by Carnegie Hall, Taste of Our Town saw a great turnout.

Cathy Rennard, president, and CEO of the Hall spoke about what it meant to her for the event to be back after its absence.

“It’s absolutely wonderful and this is my first time as CEO for Taste of Our Town,” said Rennard. “I’ve been a vendor, I’ve been a dance mom, I’ve been a participant but overseeing the whole thing is a first time, and it’s going very well because we have a wonderful crew at Carnegie Hall and a committee that has seen to every detail.”

Long lines of hungry visitors crisscrossed the streets of Lewisburg, with everything from tacos and burgers to soup and sweets on offer.

TOOT is not just a celebration of food but a transition to help local businesses prepare for the winter months.

“We’re thrilled at the turnout today,” said Rennard. “We’re thrilled that these vendors can come out, they can earn a little money. It helps us get through the winter, it helps them get through the winter, and its good for everybody.”