Beckley, WV (WVNS) – It’s International Overdose Awareness Day on Saturday, April 9, and one overdose survivor wants to give back now that he’s in recovery

Brian Akers, a member of the Raleigh County Prevention coalition, helps recovering addicts and other ex-convicts register to regain their rights to vote.

Akers said lots of people wrongly believe going to jail strips a person of their right to vote forever, but in West Virginia, you only need to re-register to be able to vote again.

“There’s a lot of legislation going through right now dealing with these types of crimes, or dealing with rights, before, after during. What happens with your kids. What happens with everything in our lives,” Akers told 59News. “And a lot of the legislature doesn’t understand it like we do, and they don’t cater to us because we’re not voting. And if we want to get our voices heard we need to get out and vote, and the first step is to register.”

The voter registration event takes place from noon to 4 p.m. on Apr. 9 at Shoemaker Square in Beckley. If the weather does not permit the event to take place outside, it will continue inside Coffee on Main in uptown Beckley.