FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — Members of a local outreach ministry are making sure the underprivileged and homeless in the area are fed during the pandemic.

Warm Hands From Warm Hearts is doing their part with a weekly food pantry.

“I got a variety of bread, some kind of pulled pork, hamburger, crackers, some soup vegetables something sweet as always, diferrent stuff like that. Canned goods applesauce, pork and beans, peas your general stuff that you cook with every day,” said Guiseppe Wallace Sr. who was getting the food he needed from the pantry. “Its good it’s a good program, it’s set up real good I like it.” 

Guiseppe Wallace Sr. is one of the many people who come from around the area to the Center of Hope building in Oak Hill once a week to get the food they need. However, due to the pandemic, more and more people like him are relying on food pantry pick ups.

“This is real good it’s a blessing to have this, different churches and organizations are stepping out especially with this coronavirus, they are doing swell and I like them I thank god for this,” said Wallace Sr.

Mike Bone started Warm Hands from Warm hearts in 2013. With the help of partners like United Way and local churches, he and other volunteers serve the community in many different ways.

Instead of slowing down because of the pandemic, they actually widened the spread of their service.

“Mike and them are doing a good job, they were giving out bookbags this past Saturday for the kids,” said Darrell Jones, speaking about one of the other events the organization put on.

Darrell Jones is another person who is appreciative of the work their organization does, thanking volunteers directly for the meal he is about to have.

“Oh yeah Imma go home and enjoy it,” said Jones.

Organizations like Warm Hands for Warm Hearts and ones like United Way who keep them alive will always be important. Especially to people like Darrell and Guiseppe who need them now more than ever.