BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) – If you take a look at the Precinct map on the Secretary of State’s website, there are several precincts in Raleigh County with strange shapes, such as Precinct 13, Precinct 8, and Precinct 14.

New voting lines were drawn before this year’s election and come election day, you may find yourself in a new district. There are 58 voting precincts in Raleigh County alone heading into the 2022 primaries.

Some of those precincts are larger, some are smaller, and some are even completely surrounded by another precinct.

Tammy Richardson, the Raleigh County Chief Elections Officer said it came down mainly to property lines and census data.

“You have to keep the city, kind of, together in their area. Then you have to go outside the city, but Mabscott is a municipality so you have to keep Mabscott together. And you’ve gotta keep Sofia together cause they are also, and Lester. So it’s a lot into it but it’s mainly census blocks, property lines, that kind of thing,” said Richardson.

Voting lines take a new shape every ten years alongside new census data.

The current district and precinct lines are in place until 2032.