LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) – Medical professionals are warning of what they’re calling a “tri-demic”, as cases of the flu, COVID, and RSV are all spiking.

One local school district is being hit particularly hard by the outbreak.

Greenbrier County schools say they’re seeing absence rates much higher than normal, and they’ve even been forced to shut down Western Greenbrier Middle School for the rest of the week as nearly a third of all students were out sick.

Dr. Bridgett Morrison of the Greenbrier County Health Department offers tips for trying to avoid sickness.

“The big thing is obviously don’t leave home if you’re sick. Don’t send your children to school if they’re sick. Stay home,” said Morrison, who is the Health Officer for Greenbrier and Monroe Counties. “The same things we spoke about during COVID-19 as far as wash your hands, cover your mouth, and wear a mask if you have to go out. Those are extremely important in preventing the spread of illness and also of obtaining it.”

Dr. Bridgett Morrison, Greenbrier County Health Department

Dr. Morrison also emphasizes the importance of getting vaccinated against both the flu and COVID. As of now, there is no vaccine for RSV.

The Greenbrier County Health Department offers free, walk-in vaccine appointments every Wednesday.