MERCER COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — The pandemic caused people all over the country to lose their jobs and sense of financial security.

To try and help those in need, a stimulus check of more than $1,000 was issued earlier this year and unemployment benefits were extended as well.

Craig Hammond, the Director of Bluefield Union Mission, said he is seeing a lot of new faces.

“Some of the new faces we see are people that have been previously employed in the hospitality and food service business,” said Hammond. “A lot of restaurants have shut down or cut their business in half. Many folks in the hospitality industry, like hotels and things, they’re just wiped out.”

Hammond said while the initial stimulus package was helpful, it only helped keep people’s heads above water.

“They caught up on some bills but it didn’t go very far, so a second round would be very appreciated by many people,” said Hammond.

Now Hammond believes the extended financial problems due to the pandemic could lead to bigger problems.

“There’s tension in the homes because finances are running thin,” said Hammond.

Depression, stress and anxiety are just some of the things Hammond believes will come from these financial problems. He said he is concerned for the people who frequently come to the food bank for help, hoping a second stimulus check is on the way.

“I wish our leaders would come together and find common ground and move ahead to help the country,” said Hammond.

But for now, all he and those in need can do is hope and wait, as lawmakers have not made a decision on the HEALS Act.