BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — A Vietnam Veteran’s art is now on display at the Veterans Museum in Beckley.

After serving in the Vietnam War, Thomas “Tommy” Osborn used art as an outlet to cope with his PTSD.
Osborn created model art, stain glass, paintings and drawings. The dioramas now displayed at the Veterans Museum took months of research and time due to the intricate details.

Osborn did not just create the art, he also taught active and retired Veterans to do the same things he did, to help them get through with their PTSD. His sister-in-law said it is very important to their family that people find an outlet that works for them.

“We think it is very important to anyone who has that, whether it be from the military or any other events that you find a creative outlet to help you heal,” said Vanda Canady.

Gary Parker, a volunteer with the museum sad it is an honor to have his work on display.

“People can look at these mini dioramas and get a full functional view as to what people looked like, what their uniforms looked like what they actually did,” said Parker.

Mr. Osborn’s family encourages everyone to support the Veterans Museum. They are open Friday and Saturdays from 11 A.M. to 4 P.M.