PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — One of the best ways to get into the holiday spirit is by decking the halls and setting up a Christmas tree.

For many…that tree isn’t just plastic — it’s live.

But just because people have a live tree, that doesn’t mean they know how to keep it that way.
the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 628 is here to help keep your tree looking bright and festive!

The Chapter runs a live tree lot in Princeton and has been doing so every year since 2005.

Selling trees means a lot to the chapter, according to chapter president Ed Taylor.

“It’s a major fundraiser for us, usually we make enough money to last us the rest of the year,” said Taylor.

Taylor said funds raised from the lot are used to maintain their facilities. And of course, over the years, they’ve learned ways to help keep trees alive.

“As far as taking care of it, usually you cut the base of it off, cut like a v, and then people take it home and they put water, make sure they water it and put an aspirin in it,” said Taylor.

Another method that Taylor suggests is watering your tree with 7-Up or Sprite.