BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — With rising temperatures, crime numbers will rise too.

The warmer months typically bring on an increase in criminal activities.

According to the Beckley Police Department, one crime, in particular, is significantly more common during this time.

“You’ll get into thefts, a lot of thefts from cars,” said Lieutenant Jason McDaniel. “If you’re gardening, mowing your yard that day, didn’t put your stuff up, sitting in the yard. That’s an easy target for somebody walking up and down the roadway to see. General thefts, things of that nature.”

While these general thefts are bad enough for victims, McDaniel said the department gets an alarming number of calls for another type of theft.

“On a daily, weekly basis that we’re getting reported stolen is firearms left in cars,” said McDaniel. “Do not leave a firearm in a car ’cause if someone breaks into the car, now that firearm is theirs. And we have to go search for someone that is now armed.”

McDaniel said that particular call happens far more often than they would like.

He suggests emptying your car of all valuables at night and ensuring any guns are stored safely.