BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — After nearly two weeks without water, residents still without it could soon get relief.

Rural areas of Raleigh County are finally seeing water.

This includes along Route 3 towards the Sun Dial area.

While some people lost water early on Friday, January 6th, due to air in the system, representatives with the Raleigh County Public Service District said those issues are taken care of and water service should be resumed to the areas affected.

John Zilinski, the director of 911 and emergency management in Raleigh County, said the water crisis could be completely resolved before the start of next week.

“And hopefully by Sunday, we should have water all the way down to the system is what our hopes and what we’ve been told by the Raleigh County PSD is the hopes for them,” said Zilinski.

Zilinski says some people in Beckley could still be without service as there are still some leaks workers are addressing.