GHENT, WV (WVNS) — The slopes were busy with skiers and snowboarders as Winterplace celebrated its 40 year anniversary on Sunday, February 26th.

The general manager of Winterplace, Josh Faber, said this season has been very special, but at times, it’s also been difficult.

“We’ve had a great season,” said Faber. “The weather really wasn’t on our side much at all. So we had to fight and dig really hard. I’m extremely proud of the team for what we’ve been able to accomplish.”

After being open for 40 years, you may think the staff at Winterplace don’t have much left to learn. However, Faber said this season’s difficulties did show them there is still much they don’t know about.

“One of the biggest lessons is that it’s not easy,” said Faber. “We’re fighting weather constantly. Its a 24 hours a day, 7 days a week operation when you’re making snow and grooming the slopes. And its not easy. And that’s when you dig down deep and you pull out the grit and fortitude to make it happen, that’s something you learn and you can take with you for years to come.

For locals, getting to see Winterplace celebrate 40 years means a lot to them.

“Winterplace is something so special to all of us,” said Matt Mullins, a local musician who performed at the resort. “Its close to home. And you have, just like the whitewater rafting industry in Fayetteville, this is Raleigh County’s. We have our ski resort. It’s great. And we get to see a lot of cool people come through, appreciate music, have a good time and get back out on the slopes. It’s great.”

As part of the festivities, a mini big air competition for kids was held on Saturday while a family slalom race took place on Sunday.

Due to the warmer than expected winter weather, Sunday was Winterplace’s final day of the season.

A poetic ending to the 40th year of fun on the slopes, with hopefully many more years to come.