BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — West Virginia’s abortion ban remains a hot button issue.

As part of the ban, men who help provide abortion pills and other means to their girlfriend or wife can face jail time, as much as 10 years.

We spoke with several college students about how the ban, along with this specific aspect, might affect their frequency and willingness to have sex.

One of them, sophomore Riley Bowyer, spoke about how she is more reluctant since the ban was passed.

“Now with the chance of, if I got pregnant, I wouldn’t be able to, if I wasn’t able to financially support the child, be able to potentially get rid of it, even if it affected my health. So I feel like I would definitely be more adverse to having sex.”

Riley Bowyer

The only abortions allowed under the ban are those which protect the pregnant woman’s life or in certain cases of rape or incest.