PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)– Since last year, hospitals have seen an increase in RSV cases. RSV is a respiratory illness similar to the flu.

People most susceptible to getting it are young kids up to 10-years-old, and people with underlying medical problems.

Dr. Yoginder Yadav is the Director of Medical Affairs at Princeton Community Hospital. He said the increase in cases is coming at an unusual time.

“Typically RSV is an illness that you see in November, December, sort of peak winter months,” said Yadav. “But that pattern has changed a little bit. Last year we saw cases in summer and so this year again, we are seeing more in summer and the peak is coming, or surge, however you want to call it, is coming a lot sooner than we would typically see in winter months.”

Yadav added West Virginia is responding to the surge saying state hospitals are working together to ensure adequate care is provided to all patients.

“We are coordinating with our state entities as well as with West Virginia University Hospital to make sure we identify adequate pediatric resources that are available within our community and our state to provide appropriate care for our community,” said Yadav.

Yadav recommended everyone wash their hands well – especially young children.

He also said to stay hydrated to help reduce the impact of RSV.