BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– With egg prices still soaring, many are left wondering if buying and raising chickens could be a cheaper alternative.

Egg prices first saw an increase towards the end of 2022 due to an outbreak of avian flu, and was the biggest outbreak since 2015.

David Richmond, an Agricultural Extension Agent for WVU’s Extension Service, said it is still cheaper to buy eggs from a retailer. Richmond explained this is because hens are more expensive than before, the feed cost has doubled in the past year, and because of other expenses such as building a chicken coop.

“There is a lot of initial costs. I mean, you’re probably looking at 30-40 percent more costs to raise your own eggs than it is to go buy them in a store, even at today’s prices,” said Richmond.

Fortunately, Richmond also said the worst of the prices should soon be over.

“They’re predicting that we’re over the hump and we should see prices start to filter back down,” said Richmond. “We should see some relief in the egg prices probably by June to July.”

In the meantime, Richmond suggested looking at farmer’s markets and local sellers to find cheaper egg prices.