BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– It’s a popular summer camp that isn’t for the faint of heart.

Oak Hill High School sophomore Jordan Harris and other teens from around the area showed up for their first day of Forensic Investigation Camp at WVU-Tech on Wednesday. 

This isn’t your average summer camp.

“Right now we are working on the blood spatter to determine what angle the person may have been struck,” Harris explained.

WVU-Tech Forensics Investigation Associate Professor Andrew Wheeler leads the camp, along with his colleague, Forensics Investigation Assistant Professor Mark Vecellio.

Wheeler shows students how to size up a suspect, spot out a lie, how to complete a police interview and how to read the clues that are in a single splatter of blood.

“We’ve just gotten started, but I think the students are enthusiastic,” Wheeler said Wednesday. “They seem to be pretty pleased.”

Campers use tools to measure the bloodstains and study their shapes. 

The fake splatters help investigators show where and how an attack happened. 

Professor Wheeler said this helps students learn investigation techniques.

“They come here, we give them some basic skills on note-taking and blood splatter and fingerprinting, crime scene processing and on Friday they get a crime scene they get to process from beginning to end,” Wheeler reported.

Harris says this is the perfect summer activity, especially for crime lovers like herself. 

“I’ve watched a lot of TV shows about murder mysteries, and it kind of just intrigued my interest about learning how they find the killer,” said Harris.

Wheeler offers the camp annually.