BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — As more become available about the shooting in Charlottesville, Virginia, WVU Tech campus police is one of many police departments keeping an eye on the investigation.

Jake Corey is WVU Tech’s Police Chief. He said that whenever an incident like this occurs, his department will take a look at what their practices and procedures are and what they can improve.

Despite the fact college campuses are generally more accessible to people not attending there, Corey said there isn’t a major difference in how they operate compared to officers at K-12 schools.

“I kind of look at our mandate, law enforcement here is the same as a police officer who works in a high school,” said Corey. “You’re looking for the same triggers, the same incidents on campus and the same security measures. To be truthful, one of the things that I feel that we benefit more on this campus is we have such a close relationship with our students.”

One such security measure WVU Tech students can take advantage of is the school’s Live Safe app, which allows students to report anything they see to police anonymously.