WYOMING COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– There are many dangers that first responders have to face while on the job, but sometimes they don’t know what to expect heading into a situation.

Friday, September 2 a gasoline tanker truck turned over on Route 97 on Sauslville Mountain. When the Pineville Fire Department was called out, the call was for a car accident but on the way were informed it was a gasoline tanker truck and it was on fire.

Pineville Fire Chief, Mike Goode, was on the truck responding to the accident. He said firefighters and first responders learn the markings of hazardous material trucks and trains to contain the substances carried.

“To be honest with you I can’t imagine eight thousand gallons of gasoline, it would have been a major fire and as it come down the mountain it would have burned everything in its path,” said Goode.

Thanks to the quick work and training of the Pineville fire department the fire on the tanker was put out before it reached the gasoline. The driver of the tanker truck was able to make it out thanks to a good Samaritan.

Carmen Lusk is an LPN student at Wyoming County Career and Technical Center. She said she witnessed the accident.

She told 59News the left side wheels came off the ground and that’s when the tanker flipped and the cab of the truck collapsed with the driver in it. She immediately called 911 when she heard the cries for help coming from the cab.

Lusk and another witness pulled the driver from the cab as it caught fire. Immediately after they sought safety at the top of the mountain. She tells 59 News about the moment as she helped pull the driver from the truck.

“At the time it was scary,” said Lusk. “I really didn’t know what I was doing during it afterward I broke down, it was a very traumatizing thing for me but I felt grateful to be able to be there to help him

Carmen also says some of the training she learned in her classes came into play as she was able to check his pulse and check his pupils for a concussion.