Accumulating Snow Moves In for Monday


DISCUSSION: A Winter Weather Advisory goes into effect at midnight for Wyoming, McDowell, Raleigh, Western Fayette and eastern Pocahontas counties. It will remain in effect until 1 AM Tuesday morning.

A Winter Weather Advisory goes into effect at midnight for Tazewell, Mercer, and Summers counties and will remain in effect until 7 AM Tuesday morning.

A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for Eastern Fayette , Western Greenbrier and Western Pocahontas counties at midnight tonight and go until 7 AM Tuesday morning.

Eastern Fayette includes the mountainous regions east of Rt 19. It does NOT include cities and towns along Rt 19.

Snow in the lowlands looks to be very minimal with most seeing 1-3 inches. The high terrain where the Winter Storm Warnings are in place will see much more with some spots picking up 6-10″ on the highest peaks. Travel will be extremely difficult in those locations.

Winter Alerts

A Wind Advisory goes into effect at 10 AM on Monday for Greenbrier, Summers, Mercer, Tazewell, Monroe and Pocahontas counties. It will remain in effect until noon Tuesday and until 7 AM Tuesday for Pocahontas county.

Wind Advisory

Tonight will bring more rain and snow showers which will continue into Monday. Winds begin to pick up and overnight lows fall down into the low 30s.

Tonight’s Forecast

Snow showers return late Sunday into early Monday. Snow will begin to accumulate as we head into the early morning hours. The morning commute will likely be tricky with some snow covered roads and some slushy roads. This will be an elevation dependent storm. The lowlands are looking at 1-2″ with higher peaks picking up 3-4″. We could see spots in the high terrain in the mountains of Greenbrier and eastern Fayette counties could pick up 5-10″ with maybe an isolated spot seeing up to a foot. This will certainly cause big time delays.

Snow continues through the day and even into our Tuesday morning. We will likely see some mixing take place in the lower elevations which will cut some of those totals down, but the higher terrain will likely be all snow which is why their totals are higher.

Snow Totals

Most of the snow should wrap up by the time we wake up on Tuesday, though cold air will hang around with cloud cover for the middle of the week. Highs will be stuck in the 30s, but by end of the week we should see highs much closer to our average.

Much of November has featured temperatures that are below average, which has allowed us to feel almost like winter at times. For the most part though, our daytime and overnight temperatures have stayed above the freezing mark of 32 degrees and most of our precipitation has fallen as rain. Changes are in store once over the next few weeks as snow becomes a more regular occurrence. To get a general idea of amounts, our average snowfall for the month of December is 12.9 inches (We normally pick up just between 2 to 3 inches in November).

Snow moves in. Mild. Lows in the 30s.
Snow showers through the day. Accumulations likely, especially in the mountains. Slick travel likely as well. Highs in the 30s.
Looking drier with a few flurries possible in the morning. Staying cold with highs in the 30s.
Quiet. Seasonal. Highs in the 40s.
Looking dry. Highs in the 40s.
Mainly dry. With a small chance for showers.. Highs in the 40s.
Quiet with highs in the 40s.
Still dry. Highs near average in the 40s.
Rain possible. Cooler with highs in the low 40s.

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