Tonight, will look to be a similar night when compared to Saturday. After sunset, any more chances for isolated showers and/or storms will slowly diminish with the loss of daytime heating and sunshine. It will also be similar in that patchy fog is also possible again tonight, especially around areas that saw some shower activity this afternoon. For anyone getting ready to head out to work on Monday morning, some reduced visibility is possible with the patchy fog. Overall, for tonight, we’ll settle into a partly cloudy night with overnight lows in the middle 50s.

Monday morning looks like it will start off once again in the 50s under partly cloudy skies. Some patchy fog is possible in the morning so be careful hitting the road for the morning commute. As we head into the late morning through the early afternoon, the mixture of sun and clouds will stick around during that time. As progress into late afternoon, another round of isolated showers and storms is possible. This time thanks to a stalled front near the southern state line of West Virginia and Virginia. Thus, the rule of thumb for Monday will be as such: the closer you are to the state line, the better the chances you’ll see any storm chances. These showers and storms will slowly dissipate as we head into the overnight for Monday with the loss of afternoon sunshine. A good majority of the area will see a decent amount of sunshine, enough to get our afternoon highs into the 80s.

Tuesday morning looks to hold us to the 50s for morning lows. It will be a similar morning to Monday, but no patchy fog is expected. This means you’ll enjoy a comfortable drive to work under partly cloudy skies. Our sunshine and cloud combination will once again be sticking around for a good majority of our Tuesday forecast. As we get closer into the late afternoon and evening hours, a weak cold front is expected to cross through. Not expecting much from this system, but one or two isolated showers Tuesday evening and night cannot be ruled out. That will likely bring in our best chances for rainfall on Tuesday with a majority of the day staying dry and sunny. We will see enough sunshine on Tuesday to help our afternoon highs get into the upper 70s.

Wednesday morning will officially see yesterday’s cold front pass through. Outside of one or two overnight showers possible, most will be waking up to mostly cloudy skies and morning lows in the 50s. Before heading out the door for your Wednesday morning commute, packing some rain gear will help once again. This time, we will have yesterday’s cold front stall near the southern state line. For Wednesday, the same rule from Monday will apply: the closer you are to the southern state line of West Virginia and Virginia, the better your chances will be to see showers and storms. They will be mostly active during the afternoon with daytime heating and then fizzle out once we head into Wednesday night. Our temperatures for Wednesday will take a dive with the passing of the cold front, with most only getting into the low 70s.

Thursday morning starts off cooler in the 40s under mostly clear skies. If you have been waiting for your chance to enjoy dry weather all day, Thursday looks to be the best shot! A high-pressure system will move in from the north and provide the entire area with plenty of sunshine and dry time. If you missed your chance to get outdoor chores done the past few days, early morning or late afternoon on Thursday looks like the best times. Our temperatures will slowly begin to ascend back to the summer-like temperatures we have been seeing over the next several days. After starting off with a cool morning, we’ll see our afternoon highs begin climbing back into the middle 70s with our afternoon sun.

Friday finishes the work week off with another nice day in store. Our northern high-pressure system continues to give us more dry time with it continuing to stick around. This means yet another sunny and dry day as our work week comes to a close. If you have plans scheduled for Friday afternoon or evening, take advantage of the dry time we’ll be seeing. Afternoon highs will continue on with the rollercoaster incline as they make their way back into the middle to upper 70s for your Friday afternoon.

Saturday looks like it will kick off the weekend on a great note. Expecting a bit more cloud cover than what we have been seeing the past few days. But still, dry weather looks to be in place for our Saturday. Our northern high-pressure system will give us one more day of dry weather before sliding off to the east. You can expect a mix of sun and clouds for your Saturday as we continue to warm up. Before our Saturday comes to a close, afternoon highs on Saturday will likely get into the low 80s.

Sunday morning looks to start off dry with partly cloudy skies. It will be the first morning over the past several days where we get back into the 50s for morning lows. Much of the late morning and early afternoon will also stay dry before more clouds build in for the late afternoon and evening. A new cold front is expected to cross into the region during that time. This will bring in the chance for scattered showers and storms as we head into the overnight on Sunday. The few hours of dry time we do see will help our afternoon highs climb into the low 80s.

In your extended forecast, after seeing a dry Saturday, expect the forecast to change once we progress into Sunday. A low-pressure system is expected to progress from the west and cross through Sunday into Monday. Some fine tuning is still needed for this system, but it appears that the main line will cross sometime late on Sunday into Monday. As it does, it will bring some scattered showers and storms back through the area. We will continue to monitor this system this upcoming week to see how it will look to impact your forecast going forward. The mostly cloudy skies, along with the passing of the cold front, will see our temperatures back into the 70s to kick off our Monday. Thankfully, next Tuesday and Wednesday is trending on the dry side so hopefully that will stick and bring us some summer sun back!

Afternoon storms diminish, patchy fog once again possible. Overnight lows in the middle 50s.
Partly cloudy, isolated PM storm possible. Highs near the 80 mark.
AM dry time, late PM isolated shower. Highs in the upper 70s.
Afternoon isolated showers continue. Cooler. Highs in the low 70s.
Mostly sunny and dry. Warming Up. Highs in the middle 70s.
Sunny end to work week. Highs in the middle 70s.
A mix of sun and clouds. Warm. Highs near the 80 mark.
Dry AM, scattered showers PM. Highs in the low 80s.
A few more scattered showers possible. Highs in the upper 70s.
Mostly sunny skies. Highs in the low 80s.
Sunny and dry. Highs in the low 80s.