A Wind Chill Advisory will go into effect for northwestern Pocahontas county at 6 pm Wednesday through 8 am Thursday

Wednesday night will be quiet, but really cold. Clear skies will allow temperatures to drop back into the low teens and upper single digits, Wind chills will be even lower near the zero degree mark. In the high terrain wind chill values will be below zero yet again.

Thursday, we start out very cold once again into the teens. We do at least stay dry for the daylight hours with sunshine holding on through the morning. Clouds will build in during the afternoon and evening ahead of a cold front and a few light snow showers are possible overnight into Friday. Winds out of the south will get us above the freezing mark to the mid-30s for most.

Friday, snow showers and steady snow are likely across much of the area as a cold front passes through. Snow will be persistent and could be heavy at times. Since we will still have some daylight hours, a lot of melting will likely take place. Snow totals are look light with most seeing 1-3 inches. We could have a few spots that overachieve in the high terrain and see up to 4 inch. Winds will pick up as well with gusts up to 25mph through the day. Regardless of snow totals, travel will be slow across much of the region as a result by the evening. Highs in the upper 20s and low 30s are expected. Overnight lows into Saturday will return to the low teens and single digits.

Saturday, lingering upslope snows will continue through the morning for areas west of the mountains adding some minor additional accumulations to the region. In the highest elevations it is likely we see snow continue to fall into the afternoon and early evening before shutting down. East of the mountains gusty winds will remain causing issues with some blowing snow, gusts to 25mph are possible. Highs will be into the 20s by the afternoon keeping wind chill a big factor.

Sunday, after another very cold start, typical of this January, into the single digits we will swing back up to the low 30s for highs during the afternoon. Partially due to some sunshine, and partially due to a weak wind more or less out of the south.

Monday, we’ll see some clouds but remain dry throughout. Highs will continue to climb back to the upper 30s with a few of us seeing the return of the 40s.

Tuesday we see clouds clear out with sunny skies returning to the region. We’ll be mild and even above average with most into the 40s during the afternoon as our cold and stormy pattern begins to break up.

In the extended forecast, we’re looking drier as trends are for our active pattern to begin to quiet down. If you’re sick of the cold the trends look to be in your favor too, as we start to see the first signals of warmer weather show up in the 10-Day.

Drying out. Highs in the 20s.
Looking dry, but cold. Highs in the 20s and 30s.
Widespread snow showers. Highs in the 20s and 30s.
AM snow, clearing late. Highs in the 20s and 30s.
Warmer. Highs in the mid-30s.
Mostly Cloudy. Highs in the upper 30s and low 40s.
Clearing. Highs in the 40s.
Mostly sunny, warmer. Highs in the 40s.
Clouds and rain. Highs in the 50s.
More rain, but mild. Highs in the 40s.