Friday, as our arctic front passes through, temps crash hard and fast. Flash freezing of the previous days rain will make travel dangerous. As our ground cools fast, snow showers, heavy at times will begin to stick with measurable snow likely. For the lowlands, a quick 1-2 inches is possible while the higher elevations through Greenbrier and Pocahontas county could see 2-4 or more inches. This is a developing system with some fine tuning still left to be done but know this system will impact holiday travel regardless of totals. Plan on a very messy couple of days.

Friday night snow flurries are likely with little accumulations. The bigger story will be the 40-50mph wind gusts still causing power outages as air temps drop below zero and wind chill temps push NEGATIVE 30 and 40 degrees! This can be life threatening especially if power goes out. Frostbite can happen in minutes and hypothermia isn’t far behind. Limit outdoor exposure to 10 minutes or less at a time.

Saturday will hold onto a few flurries around the region as the arctic air squeezes out any and all moisture from the air. Accumulations look nil except for the higher ridgelines in Pocahontas and Greenbrier counties where and inch or 2 can be expected the entire day. Winds still gusting 20-30mph will keep snow moving so don’t expect much on the ground at any given time through the day. Air temps are in the teens but frankly, it’s the wind chills we should be watching for as they will be -30 degree in the morning to -15 by the afternoon.

Christmas Day is a bitterly cold day as morning temps are just around the zero degree mark. Icy conditions on roads should be expected as afternoon highs are once again only in the teens. Wind chills will also be dangerous once again. If traveling, do so slowly and with extra care. High winds will still be an issue, blowing snow covering roads, and snow flurries in the mountains will make it a tricky day to get out. Dress for wind chills reaching -15 to -10 degrees.

As for our White Christmas chances, an earlier arrival of our arctic front makes a white Christmas less likely. While there will be snow on the ground, to be officially a white Christmas, a fresh 1 inch of snow has to fall on Christmas Day. So, on a technicality, we’ve had to call it unlikely for most outside of the mountains.

Monday we start to clear things up as sunshine returns. Expect temps to be very chilly after our deep freeze from the weekend. While we’ll be warming up, wind chills and bitterly cold surface temps mean it’ll be a slow warm up. Bundle up and watch for signs of hypothermia if spending time outside.

Tuesday we continue the slow warm up with sunshine. Temps will work their way back to the freezing mark (32 degrees) by the afternoon so not exactly a warm day but big improvement over the weekend. And we’re only getting warm as the week goes on!

In your extended day forecast New Years Eve is looking down right HOT in comparison to how the week will start. Mid and upper 50s sunshine to kick off the weekend. It is looking great! Of course, 2023 looks to start on a soggy note as rain is looking likely New Years Day.

Snow showers, heavy at times. FLASH FREEZING Windy. Afternoon temps zero!
Flurries w/ Mountain snow showers. Brutal cold. Highs in the teens! Wind chills below zero!
Mostly sunny, VERY COLD. Highs in the teens. Wind chills below zero!
Sunny, still cold. Highs in the 20s.
Mostly sunny, warmer. Highs in the 30s.
Still sunny, warming up. Highs in the 40s.
Warming up, some clouds. Highs in the upper 40s.
Warmer yet! Mix sun & clouds. Highs in the 50s!

Still warmer! Clouds late. Rain after midnight. Highs in the upper 50s!