Experts Recommend Snow Tires For Remainder of Winter


Drivers can prepare for the dangers of traveling on snowy roads by putting on winter tires. 

Patrick Dolph, Summersville native, treated himself to a brand new heavy duty truck the day after Christmas. He said it came with all season tires that he believes can make it through this winter. 

“An all season’s tire is a pretty good tire,” Dolph said. “No more than the winter we have, I feel pretty comfortable three, four months out of these tires, then put on your nice wheels on for the summer to make it look good. These tires’ll do good for the winter.”

But not every type of all season tires have tread like Dolph’s. Tire experts like Roger Hewitt at C Adam Toney in Beckley said winter tires are a smart investment this time of year for most vehicles. 

That’s because they are made of a softer rubber that helps prevent cars from getting stuck in the snow. 

“Especially if you get stuck in a deep snow, your all season tire’s are not going to go,” Hewitt said. “Your winter tires are going to go. Now a lot of vehicles here have all wheel drive, which makes a lot of difference. But a lot of people still put winter tires on all wheel drive, depending where you live at.”

The tire pros over at C Adam Toney are busy every winter switching out tires to get drivers in southern West Virginia ready for the snowy months.

When used properly, winter tires tend to have a long lifespan.

“If you take them off, you can run them again,” Hewitt said. “Most of the time three or four years, if you just run them winter months… If it’s just a front wheel drive vehicle, you just need to put two on it. And then a lot of people just run them during winter months and then in the spring put you winter tires back. But if it’s an all wheel drive vehicle, you have to change all four of them, not just two.”

Winter tires cost anywhere from $80-120 a piece. They come in a variety of sizes to fit just about any type of vehicle. 

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