Fall driving safety


During the fall leaves are pretty to look at while they remain on the trees, but when they start to fall they can cause some problems for drivers. Leaves can fall on the road ways becoming wet and making the road slippery, they can also cover the lines on the road making it hard to see the sides or the middle line. When driving on a road that is covered in leaves you want to make sure to slow down especially when going around curves and everyone knows there are plenty in the state of West Virginia. You want to give yourself plenty of room between you and the car in front of you just in case of an emergency. When the road is covered with leaves it also makes it hard to see pot holes in the road, this can lead to popped tired or even worse damage to your car.

In the fall we also lose daylight so you need to make sure to adjust so that you are prepared for the possibility of dealing with children playing after sun down, also watch for them getting on and off school buses. Halloween is also a time to really watch your surroundings for children, they might walk out in front of a car before the parents know it.

Wearing sunglasses in the fall can help with the glare created by the sun especially at dawn and dusk, these times are especially difficult to see other cars around you. Another thing to look for at dawn and dusk in West Virginia is deer, if you see a deer on the side of the road make sure to slow down till you have pasted it.

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