GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Tropical storm Nicole is continuing to form and gain strength heading into the end of the week. Given its current projected path, it could cause impacts throughout West Virginia.

To start off, the storm is currently expected to cut through Florida before moving up along the East coast. The reason for this shift is because out West is a cold front making its way eastward and this will then collide with Nicole.

What this will cause is for the remnants of Nicole to travel along near the eastern seaboard of the United States impacting southern and northeastern states, including West Virginia.

Based on current paths, the first remnants of the storm will be making their way in by early Friday morning and expected to last all day. The latest model runs have Nicole remaining in West Virginia into late Friday night, early Monday morning.

Despite only staying around for roughly a day, Nicole is still expected to have several weather impacts with the biggest concerning the rain.

We could see Nicole cover much of southern West Virginia in nearly half an inch of rainfall with some areas getting anywhere between 1-1.5 inches of rain.

Thankfully, given how dry we have been recently, flooding isn’t a concern but rainfall this time of the year is still a much needed relief given our current environment.

This Wednesday saw several WV counties under a Red Flag Warning, meaning no outdoor burning is allowed, and several brushfires were sighted across West Virginia.

With the expected rainfall, not only will this help get West Virginia out of the dry spell we’ve been seeing, but it will help calm any active fires across the state.

The other issue Nicole could bring, stems from how the rainfall will impact leftover leaves from the Fall season.

The issue arises when the rainfall mixes with the leftover fall leaves and this can cause issues with storm drains and thus clogging them as a result. Roadways covered in leaves can also cause slippery driving conditions as wet leaves can become just as slick as ice.

When it comes to clogged storm drains, their are several things you can do to prevent this issue from occurring. They include the following:

  • Much of the leaves that enter into storm drains come from the main street itself so make sure you don’t push or rake leaves in the street.
  • If you see leaves in the street, make sure to pick them up and get them off the street.
  • Make sure to properly dispose of leaves and put them into appropriate storage bins.

It’s also important that if you see a clogged storm drain, never push the material down the drain for that can make the situation worst. Its advised to pick them up and dispose of them properly.

Heading into this Friday, StormTracker59 will continue to monitor the situation regarding Nicole so make sure you are weather aware heading into the end of this week.

Stick with the StormTracker59 Weather Team throughout the week to stay updated!