June in Review: A look at last months weather


Beckley, WV (WVNS) — Another month down brings us halfway through 2021. Time is moving quickly, and temperatures seem to be rising just as fast as summer begins to take hold of the two Virginias. Let’s look back at June’s temperatures!


June 2021


Temperature-wise this wasn’t a month that really fell out of the ordinary, according to the 1991-2020 ‘normals,’ falling just less than a degree above what is expected for this time of year based on the past 30 Junes. That’s not exactly a significant wavering from the norm – year to year fluctuations along these lines will happen.

Still compared to even our previous set of ‘normals’ from 1981-2010, this past month would have been considered warmer than it is currently. Compared to the last century, even more. Remember what is normal now, wouldn’t have been just 10 years ago in many cases.


Despite a very wet start to the month when it rained for an entire week, we only came to almost a quarter of an inch above normal for June. Not really noteworthy by any means, though it would have been nice if the rain was a little more spread out through the month.

Notable Weather Events in June 2021

  • A Bermuda high developed ahead of several waves of low pressure, causing well over a months worth of rain to fall in some areas over the period of week. (June 6 – June 13, 2021)
    • Rainfall totals at the Beckley ASOS came to 3.85-inches for this period, approximately 85-percent of the rain that fell during the entire month! Some areas received well over six inches of rain per radar estimates.

January through June: Six Months of 2021

Overall this has been a fairly standard year weather-wise at first glance. Winter came and went, bringing snow and ice. Spring began and the trees, flowers, and the grass bloomed. Finally, Summer just started and is already packing the heat. Let’s check the details to see how standard it’s been.

For our annual precipitation (see image above), we’re still running behind but not by much, only a few tenths of an inch. So far so good for this year, especially compared to the end of June last year, when we had already seen 30+ inches of precipitation in Beckley.

We’ve swung both ways on the temperature scale – a few months down, a few months up. As chaotic as the weather may seem, sometimes it does often act like a pendulum swinging back and forth between two extremes. We’ve averaged out to just a tenth of a degree above average for the first six months of the year, a practically insignificant difference when compared to the 1991-2020 climate normals. Even compared to the 1981-2010 ‘normals’ it would only be considered seven-tenths of a degree warmer than ‘normal’ – still not significant in either direction.

Keep in mind, one data point out of many landing near the average, though, is far from signaling the all-clear for our changing climate. Many other places around the globe faced extreme weather on both ends of the spectrum these past six months. Just because it doesn’t happen in your backyard, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening somewhere else.

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